Find Happiness Everyday

Finding your joy may require small steps or bold changes. It may require perseverance and courage or simply taking time to pause. If you want more joy in your life, well.. there’s no way around it…you actually have to make space for it and welcome it daily.

What brings you joy? 

If you are not sure, simply think about what makes you smile? What lights you up? What fills your cup? Pay attention to what makes you feel good, what lifts your vibes?

Perhaps begin a gratitude diary. Incorporate more moments of quiet contemplation into your day and less ‘screen time’. Meditate. Meditate (yes, it deserves to be listed twice). Read inspiring books. Listen to inspiring people. Turn the music up. Shower yourself in a mindful mist. Forget ‘should’ and commit to your ‘sparkle’. Hug from the heart. Definitely speak gently to yourself. 

These nourishing things raise your vibrations and in doing so brings you more joy, more freedom, more grace, more intuition, more energy, more abundance, more connection thus more of the ‘good stuff’ which will continue to flow into your delicious, juicy life!



The Joy Solution

We all have a story. Stories of challenges, triumphs, failings, love, embarrassments, doubt, fear and struggles with stress, health and possibly perfectionism? It is certainly no different for us and it is within all these painful, yet glorious contrasts that we consciously chose to step into a more joyful existence.  Ours is also a story of a beautiful friendship and astounding synchronicities that together we created The Joy Solution.  

Together we studied kinesiology, meditation, EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) became students of ‘A Course in Miracles’, read every self development book we could get our hands on, went to every wellness seminar we could get to, revelled in our beautiful essential oils, tracked down all sorts of gurus, healers, mentors to learn to live more consciously.  As we unraveled our poopy old patterns and programs – our joy expanded every step of the way.  

The Joy Solution was born. Our workshops began from a burning desire was to share the very best of what we had learnt and the simplest ways to be ‘in joy’. 

One of our favourite ‘joy therapies’ are our pure, botanical, essential oils. We have been using them with our families and in our workshops and practices for many years. These magical oils, extracted from plants and herbs, not only offer scrumptious fragrances but they also awaken and ignite vital healing energies in the body. There is an essential oil for every emotional and physical situation that exists - hooray for mother earth!

In short, essential oils are one of the best ways to raise your vibrations and you know what happens when you raise your vibrations...!

We’ve bottled the magic and created a mist just for you so you can enjoy more Freedom, more Abundance, more Joy, more Energy and feel Calm and grounded. 


"Mindfulness is simple, it means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing."
Jon Kabat -Zinn



Emma Abbott


Lisa Winneke