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Here is a little ‘snapshot’ of my life thus far…

I’m married and have three gorgeous, challenging and unpredictable boys. I grew up in Sydney and now live in an inner suburb of Melbourne. My home away from home is Byron Bay.

I am passionate about the wellbeing of mums and their children. I am passionate about mindfulness. I am passionate about teaching mums and kids about mindfulness!  

After the birth of my first son, life got bumpy and I didn’t have the tools to ride the rocky road; it sure did shake me up!  I became unwell with severe vertigo, anxiety and exhaustion. During this time not a trace of self-compassion was to be found and there was little room for joy! I now see the gift in the challenges of those couple of years. The restriction I created for myself pushed me into expansion – I was forced to re-assess. Slowly, slowly I removed the old programs and beliefs that filled my body and mind with anxiety. I have since studied kinesiology, EFT (emotional freedom technique) Theta Healing and meditation. Each day I set an intention and I am so grateful for all the joy in my life. My anxiety pops up to say ‘hi’ from time to time…’hello old friend’ I say ‘what’s up?’.

My life changed through awareness, action and acceptance. My life changed through mindfulness.