“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken” - Oscar WIlde

This has been my mantra for the past 7 years. If you resonate with this, you are definitely in the right place!

So, who am I? I am happily married and a mum to 3 uniquely different boys (twins included!). I am also a sensitive woman who feels and thinks deeply and am learning to embrace and celebrate this rather than seeing it as something I need to change.

This has not always been my version of me despite how others viewed me. To the outside world I am possibly no happier or more content than I was 11 years ago when my first 2 were born. I appeared capable, confident and in control. However, my internal world back then was the antithesis of what I presented. My mask was so deeply formed, I had forgotten who I really was. 

Often it is a major crisis or health scare, which is the impetus to change something. For me, my lowest point was 4 years after the premature arrival of twins where an eating disorder I had ‘under control’ reared its rather ugly head! 

That was 7 years ago now. Since then, I have been immersed in a process of undoing and unravelling the limiting beliefs and the stories I had been running for decades. In addition, I studied Kinesiology and EFT (emotional freedom technique), which have both been profound in my re-identification. 

As I have continued down this path, from a place of self-loathing to self-love, it is my deepest desire to support other women and empower them to love and accept themselves exactly as they are. And the only way, I believe to do this, is to reprogram the stories we have all been running – the ones where we are not enough! 

For me, kinesiology, EFT and meditation have been the instruments and techniques to move me out of the darkness and towards a place of light, love and contentment. All that is required by you is a choice and determination to want more from your life. For our lives to have meaning and purpose is really what gets us up each day.  And I do hope this for everyone I meet.