Aromatic Mists

We know that life is sometimes hectic so we have created a quick, simple and thoroughly enjoyable solution – we call it ‘mindfulness in a bottle’.

Our ‘Mindful Mists’ – Calming, Joy, Freedom, Energy and Abundance – have been handcrafted using a unique blend of therapeutic oils to bring your senses alive and raise your vibrations. Whether this is your first step towards mindfulness or you practice regularly, we know you will treasure the support the mists bring. They are all about you feeling good

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations”

Nikola Tesla

A unique blend of therapeutic essential oils have been used in each of our aromatic solutions. Essential oils have been used throughout history for their healing properties; they have a profound influence on the nervous system and they provide exquisite fragrances to balance moods, lift spirits and promote positive emotions. Our sense of smell connects with the limbic system, which supports a number of functions, including emotions , behaviour, motivation and memory.