‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ or ‘tapping’ is a powerful tool for improving life on many levels, from mental and emotional wellbeing to physical roadblocks. Experts in energy psychology and the health industry believe it’s one of the most powerful techniques discovered in the past century, and we totally agree!




EFT is based on the principles of ancient acupressure and modern psychology. 

By literally tapping on specific meridian end points and focussing on our emotions we calm our nervous system, restore the balance of energy in our body and rewire the brain to respond in healthy ways.



What are the benefits?

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Guilt
  • Grief
  • Addictive cravings
  • Fear of flying
  • Depressive tendencies
  • Pain
  • Headaches and much, much more!

How does EFT work?

EFT works on healing the mind and body simultaneously. The aim is to focus on something negative that you would like to resolve (this could include anxiety, pain, addiction, relationship issues or anything that is causing physical or emotional discomfort) whilst tapping on these specific meridian end points.

In a nutshell, it halts the stress response (otherwise known as flight, fight or freeze) and calms the nervous system to restore the balance of energy in the body and reprograming the brain to respond in healthy ways!

Why would you use EFT?

EFT is an incredibly simple and powerful technique used to clear out those past hurts, the past traumas, however large or small you may think they are. Or you can use it for general wellbeing; the best part about it is that you can incorporate it into your life by using it daily or when the need arises.

EFT works particularly well with meditation by calming the body first, which can allow you to really enjoy the practice. We use EFT to empower our clients to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. We have transformed our personal realities by incorporating EFT and meditation into our lives, and for this reason we are passionate about sharing these two amazing techniques with you.