13 ways to create a joyful life

14 Ways to crate a joyful life

1- Know that absolutely nothing outside of you can offer lasting joy

It is ALL inside of you. No amount of beauty, money or success will bring you happiness if you haven’t discovered it in yourself first.

2- Consciously choose joy every day

If we don't deliberately choose joy, we will find it in chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Choosing joy everyday may be allocating time for meditation, yoga, gardening, flowers, taking a soothing bath … or simply sharing a smile.

3 - Meditate daily.

Or spend time sitting still and grounding yourself whilst breathing consciously and deeply.

4- Be aware of your thoughts

How are you talking to yourself? If you notice your 'critical voice' simply choose again. Choose a thought that feels good. One that is kind, compassionate and loving towards yourself. As you practice this awareness and 'choose again', neural pathways are strengthened and soon your critical voice starts to fade. That is why repeating a positive affirmation is so powerful.

5- Speak to your guides and angels throughout your day

Thank them for making life easy, for being there to support you and always showing you the way.

6- Nourish your mind and body with whole foods that uplift and energize you

There are so many free recipes out there - one of the beauties of technology! We cannot feel joy in our lives when we are not feeding ourselves with wholesome foods. On that note, food created with joy tastes and feels different. Better! 

7- Surround yourself with good vibes

When we spend time with others who are positive, happy and uplifting, it feels so good!

8- Listen to your intuition

It's that place deep inside that knows EVERYTHING you need to know! When a thought or feeling keeps popping up, stop and listen.

9- Create a toolkit

That will support you every day - especially if you find yourself in a not so joyful place. Meditation, EFT (tapping) and Young Living therapeutic essential oils, inspirational quotes and angel cards are some of the tools we use daily.

10- Find a buddy to travel this joyful path with you

You can inspire each other. Its much easier and a lot more fun when you have the support of another like minded friend. Often in our experience, when one experiences challenges, the other will have their feet firmly grounded.

11- See the miracles every day

Nothing is a fluke, a coincidence or luck. Nothing! When you believe and trust that everything happens for a reason, you begin to see that your life is filled with miracles.

12- Keep a gratitude journal

What you will notice over time is that you will shine the spotlight more on what is "great"in your life as opposed to the small mishaps; the arguments; the challenges; relationship issues. Eventually you will notice all of the wonders of life without trying to find them.

13- Before you go to sleep, forgive Forgive yourself or anyone you have judged intentionally/unintentionally you may have harmed that day.

In turn do the same for others. Chose to wipe the slate clean; forgive; let go of any hurts so you can start the next day with fresh eyes and an open heart.

We hope you enjoyed these tips. We would love to hear which ones you incorporate into your life or if there are any others not on our list.