Signature Scents

We are able to create a Signature Scent – a personalised essential oil blend – just for you or your business. 

In order to create your perfect botanical blend, we would learn what fragrances reflect the aim and philosophy of your business culture, what additional dimension is required in your environment eg grounding, focus, creativity, joy and discover which of these will enhance and support the wellbeing of your workplace and staff.

A positive affirmation or mantra would also be created to suit the signature scent created for your specific elements. 

Whether it is combining some rare Australian oils for you or perhaps a blend with more floral or citrus tones – whatever your preference, we will work together to create the perfect personalised botanical essential oil blend for you. A blend that will bring the senses alive and allow you and/or your team, or even clients, to experience a whole new dimension of wellbeing and emotional connection to your company. 

We are proud to offer natural products that are of the highest quality and vibration that are invaluable asset to anyone’s wellbeing.  Wherever possible we use local products, in an endeavour to give back to our community.  We choose to work with companies, that encompass an ethical and heartfelt approach to doing business.