We first tried these Bliss balls when we attended Gwingana Health Retreat  a few years ago and they soon became one of our favourite sweet treats.  Give them a go! 


1/2 cup hulled tahini

½ cup honey

½ cup dessicated coconut

½ cup LSA (ground linseed, sunflower sees & almonds)**

1 cup dried fruits (figs, dates, sultanas, apricots)

¼ cup raw almonds soaked and chopped

Mix all ingredients in a bowl to a firm consistency. Roll into walnut size balls and toss lightly in extra dessicated coconut.  Store in fridge.

I freeze them and take them out as required as I love to make 2 quantities because they are so delicious!

*I buy a bag of LSA rather than grinding it myself to save time..

Note: I use my thermomix to chop the fruit and nuts but I’m sure a food processor would do the same thing  if you didn’t want to chop by hand.  Just make sure you don’t chop it so finely because its nice to keep some texture!