Hi.  We are Lisa and Emma.  

The Joy Solution is a lifestyle for us…It’s a way of consciously living and being engaged with life. Why? Because we want to feel alive!   We want to feel inspired; empowered; we want to feel gratitude for what we have; we want to feel connected – not living in the past nor fearing the future – but experiencing each moment as it unfolds.   

We whole-heartedly believe that the key to creating a joyful life is making yourself a priority and developing a loving, healthy relationship with yourself first. When you do, you overflow with positivity, love and joy, filling up everyone and everything around you!

As kinesiologists and EFT practitioners we are devoted to sharing, inspiring and empowering you with simple yet powerful techniques that have transformed our own realities and many others. Through our workshops and webinars we will demonstrate how the practice of meditation, EFT and self-care, will connect you to the power within - so you can radiate the most loving authentic self that is possible!

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