As a mother of three, I appreciate that now more than ever children face so many distractions and challenges. With the fast pace of life; digital technology; pressure to perform and marital breakdowns; neural pathways can become scrambled and developing nervous systems can become over-loaded leaving children feeling anxious, overwhelmed and angry. 

By offering a safe and nurturing environment your child is given the opportunity to speak their truth; to relax; and to gain clarity and understanding on a situation that may be causing them discomfort. I include meditation/mindfulness techniques in the session along with the extraordinary modalities of EFT and kinesiology. Not only will your child benefit from the actual session but they will also learn skills that they can use for the rest of their life. 

I have seen incredible results when the parent/s also come to see me. This parental support assists even further in creating an engaged, authentic and happier life for the whole family.          

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