As a woman and a mother who feels deeply, I know only too well the challenges other women face when life can feel too much. As a recovering perfectionist I am also fully aware of how our unmet expectations of others and ourselves can wreak havoc on our lives, our health and our happiness. It is limiting in so many ways.

For this very reason, I am super passionate about supporting women to shift their thinking (about themselves), from not being enough. I want women to see the beauty in themselves that maybe they have forgotten. Where they begin to compare themselves less and embrace their uniqueness. 

In my experience, having utlised a number of different healing techniques and practices, EFT (also called emotional acupressure) has been the most effective and the most empowering for women. I use this modality as the basis of all my private sessions and introduce other practices based on the individual clients’ needs. 

So does this sound like you? 

Are you often overwhelmed; prioritise and value the needs of others before yourself; are easily affected by the moods and energy of those around you; have been considered too sensitive or been told you take things too personally?  If you are answering yes to any or more of these questions about you, then who I am and how I work may be just what you require right now!

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