As women leading busy, often hectic lives and wearing a number of ‘hats’, we need more than ever to consciously pause throughout our day. Instead of running on autopilot and reacting to life, our health and happiness are calling out for something to shift. What we passionately introduce to you, are simple solutions to create a life of less chaos, more peace and definitely more joy! 

In our 2.5 hour workshops, we provide the space where you can breathe and quiet your busy minds and bodies.  We share and empower you with tools, techniques and practices that have allowed us and many others to create a life that feels a whole lot better!  We combine meditation, tapping (emotional freedom technique), visualization, journaling and practical exercises to explore different aspects and allow you to begin shifting what no longer serves you.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our workshops or programs and supporting you in reconnecting to your quiet space within.

Upcoming Workshops

Simple solutions to whole-hearted living          - for busy women 

‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you have always got’   Henry Ford

We all know that doing the same thing gets you the same results. So if there is something in your life that you would like to change, why not choose to make a change now?

The word ‘change’ can be scary, but when you consciously choose to change one tiny thing – the ripple effect over time can be transformational.

Start 2016 learning a few simple tools that will help you keep your ‘cool’ no matter what comes your way. The mindful tools that we introduce ultimately puts you on the road to wholehearted living and feeling good!

So what’s stopping you from joining us for a morning of learning, connecting, nurturing and fun?! You will also enjoy some nourishing snacks plus a choice of one of our mindful mists to take home!

Do join us for what is always a fun, meaningful and empowering morning.

Look forward to seeing you there.

If you are looking for ongoing support and want to join us and a group of like minded women to learn more and connect more, we are also offering for the first time,  a 6 week program called ‘Simple Solutions to Wholehearted Living’ starting in April – you just need to be ‘willing’. So stay tuned or if you want to know more, please email us for more information.

When: friday 4th march, 2016
Time:  9.30am - 11.30am
Where: The joy solution – 17 lawson street, hawthorn east

Happy Feedback 

I was a little curious about this whole ‘tapping’ thing, so I went and experienced one of The Joy Solution’s workshops. I am not a disciplined meditator but I know that I should stop & breathe more. I also find myself getting anxious if the clock is ticking whilst juggling my commitments (as we all do), hoping that a miracle will happen to get everything done before school pick up. 
What did I think? In short, WOW! On arrival I was greeted with the most sincere and warming smiles from Emma & Lisa. Straight away I felt like this was going to be a positive experience. I usually limit my sporadic meditation to 10 minutes and tend to drift off into a snooze. However, when Emma took us on a short guided meditation, I cried. I left wanting more. Lisa then ran the group through a Tapping session and it was fascinating how she deconstructed so many emotional blocks and how they influence our habits. I now find myself ‘tapping’ stuck in traffic and telling myself that everything will be ok. And it always is! 

G McNamara


I found that Emma & Lisa’s breadth of knowledge on ways of nurturing yourself most insightful and coupled with theircompassion and empathy enabled myself and those present to easily and safely experience a deeper and heartfelt insight into our own life stories. 

I was struck by the generosity of spirit shown by the other participantsand the sincerity and professionalism of Emma & Lisa.



Thank you for a wonderful workshop.  I have practised meditating twice already and it was great to hear about the positive benefits.  I also loved the tapping and it was amazing to see the immediate benefits. Thanks also for sharing your own experiences. They clearly resonated with the group and have inspired me to search out what really makes me happy.”

Stephen. H.


Thank you Lisa and Emma for an inspirational morning. You are both rays of shining light the world needs right now and I am super grateful.  What a joy to meet you both.”  



A big thank you.  I found it such a positive, uplifting experience.  To be surrounded by such lovely like-minded people was really comforting and your words will sit with me for a long time.  I really look forward to implementing meditation and tapping into my life.  Most importantly, I am going to learn to value myself.”